Partner testimonials

School partner

"Thanks for your long term support for B. Oarsome Chance has been a real life-line to him and given him a sense of purpose when he’s been at his lowest.

B has not enjoyed school from day one and would have rather started working from age 12, I think – so this opportunity has given him the freedom to develop some of his vocational talents and have something to look forward to each week."

Special Education Needs Coordinator, Henry Cort Community College

Parent feedback

“The team at Oarsome Chance are amazing and just so supportive. My daughters have learnt so many new skills... going to Oarsome Chance has really helped with their social skills. The staff make them feel so comfortable that they can be themselves.”

Home School Link Primary Behaviour Service, East Hants

“M was really struggling in school and was on a short timetable, he always looked forward to the day at Oarsome Chance.  This was the only day of the week that M would attend a whole day.

M has shown remarkable change and is now a very happy and much better behaved boy. M has been struggling in school for many years and Oarsome Chance helped him to see positivity in his work and in adults towards him.”

Head of Home School PBS, East Hants

Participant testimonials

A, aged 16

These are A's own words, written as his time with Oarsome Chance was coming to a close:

"I have been coming to Oarsome chance since I was in primary school. School was not for me.

I struggled with managing my anger and I was getting myself into a lot of trouble.

Oarsome was good for me because it taught me things that I actually use, like building and repairing boats, how to man a boat, carpentry and music. I have made lifelong friends with the students and staff. I find it easier to work at Oarsome because there is more freedom to be myself and I don’t have to work in big groups of people which suits me. I have had the opportunity to take functional skills maths and English and I have had help from Oarsome to gain a place at college doing music"

B, aged 16

"I'd probably been kicked out of school by now, made a difference having a break by coming to Oarsome Chance on Tuesdays...

I want to go to college to do a mechanics course... it has helped to get a qualification to prove what I can do.

The support that OC has given me is absolutely excellent"