Vision Strategy 2023 – 2026

Oarsome Chance Vision Strategy 2023 - 2026

Helping young people feel safe, belong and achieve

Our Vision Strategy 2023 - 2026 outlines our strategic plan to inspire and enable more students to achieve, by increasing our offer and reach over three years. We aim to highlight the positive impact the Oarsome Chance approach has on outcomes for students: that is, to firstly help students to feel safe and belong, which then enables them to achieve and thrive. Visit our Programme Overview where we map out OC's students' journey.

The intention of the 2023 Vision is to help us maximise our impact on students through a strategic focus on belonging, quality and resource. That said, at the heart of the Vision is a needs led approach. A quote that has always stuck with me from James Pierce is ‘Ignore those who tell you which way to go without first understanding where you are.’ For the group of students that it is our pleasure to host, by helping them feel safe and belong, they can then start to thrive and achieve what they want. ” Paul Napthine, CEO

Responding to change and supporting young people who find themselves on the margins of society are at the heart of our mission. Our flexible blend of practical and physical learning, alongside a high level of individual support, within an inclusive community, helps our beneficiaries find their potential, builds their self-worth and opens up opportunity.

Oarsome Chances trauma sensitive programme works to this model blending a range of vocational learning alongside wellbeing support focusing on individualism to give students the best chance to achieve.

Our Values, identified through the strategy's development:

Our Vision Strategy will look to balance the capacity requirements of a modern Alternative Education Provider with the importance of remaining locally focused. We have an exciting but ambitious vision for the future while recognising that this is a time of unprecedented change in the funding of public services; there is pressure on our traditional income streams, alongside greater demand for help and support from young people than ever before.

We remain committed to working with our local partners in supporting some of Hampshire's most vulnerable children and young people. Our vision for the future builds on our existing strengths and established partnerships, whilst also seeking creative solutions and new relationships as we evolve and adapt for the future.

Oarsome Chance has always responded to the needs of students with innovation and a willingness to invest in new services. Our new Vision Strategy identifies the core areas of our delivery and identifies how we can continue to provide students with the services and support they need to belong, achieve and thrive.

Our strategic development focus will cover four key areas:

Not marginalised but included. Not apart from, but part of. That’s the Oarsome Chance approach.

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