Programme overview

Programme overview

Oarsome Chance's activity based programmes deliver skills learning and improved wellbeing through a compelling mix of activities, both sport-based , for instance rowing, cycling, skateboarding, and workshop-based such as carpentry, bike maintenance and engineering. This flexible blend of practical and physical learning, alongside a high level of individual support, within an inclusive community, helps our beneficiaries find their potential, builds their self-worth and opens up opportunity.

Our curricular programme runs Mon-Thur and works with students who are referred to us by a network of referral partners, including schools and local authority. Our non-curricular programme engages local children and young people wth community based activities, including after school clubs and other community based events.

Oarsome Chance: student's journey

Our Vision Strategy for 2022-25 identifies our mission as helping students feel safe, belong and achieve. The Vision Strategy describes the journey our students will take as they participate in our programmes, what Oarsome Chance will deliver to support them and how we will measure our success in each area: